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We offer an original price comparison script that you can install on your site and begin to make money using  Shopzilla publisher program .

    Earn money easily with our complete price comparison affiliate script! Our script is a complete affiliate web site which works with Shopzilla.

    With this script it's easy to turn your site into a shopping comparison engine using Shopzilla.com's Api.

Shopzilla.com is a PPC (Pay Per Click) program that pays around 80% of the rates they charge their advertisers each time a user sent to shopzilla.com (bizrate.com) clicks through to one of their retailers.


    It has never been easier to make money online!



            Easy to install - requires only a few information (eg: site name, description, keywords, google adsense account).

            No database needed;

            Complete web solution with millions of products and offers from thousands of merchants;

            Search engine friendly and fully customizable

            You can create your own skins using our configuration tools. There are 4 types ( 4 colors ) of skins and another types that are for those who have CSS  knowledge.  

             Sitemaps and RSS enables ( you can create  your own sitemap using our sitemap generator );

            Fully configurable;

            Compatible with mobile devices;

            Dynamic main menu;

            Statistics with relevant visits in Admin Area;

            Pay Per Click Model;

            NEW ! Products with free shipping are highlighted;

            NEW ! Shows product shipping and tax calculated based on a zip code;

            NEW ! Social network buttons (Facebook, Twitter) for every product;

            NEW ! Reviews for almost products;

            NEW ! Products with free shipping are highlighted;


Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge


            BYO Domain Name (bring your own domain name). You can also use a subdomain;

            PHP Web Hosting;  

            Shopzilla Publisher Program API IDs: apiKey and publisherID. Free to join at Shopzilla Publisher Program !

            allow_url_fopen on;

              mod_rewrite enable.




      You can insert Google Adsense if you are registered as Google Affiliate.

Our Script was tested for Shopzilla US.


Through our script, your site will be continually updated with products and offers daily.

       With our script your site is entire configurable such that an webmaster can setup by example: header logo, a moto or short description of his site, to change the picture and name which appear in the header;
       It is easy to put a facebook or a twitter link;
       Search button is made ​​for easy searching by name or keywords;



       You can configure the menu by choosing from among the categories available at shopzilla.
       In the home page it is a small box with a list that contains daily deals, which is automatically updated according to the categories chosen in daily deals section.
       In News section the webmaster can write anything he wants. This section can be used for news, important announcements and more, even for Google Adsense ads.
       Also is available a list of major brands to make the search easier.
       The left and right side are configurable and can be used for Google Adsense.
       On the first page is a default list with all categories and all subcategories.


          When accessing a page with a products category:
                - At the top appear a few representative products ;
                - Appear all brands;
                - Appear all subcategories of that category;
                - Appear Daily Deals Button to view offers.
        When accessing a page with a product subcategory:
                - Search filters appear, both the price and characteristics (for example appear: screen size for TV, Technology Type, Brands, Stores and more);
The price filters can search by price min / max and may indicate a reduction percentage
for daily deals;
                - Appears related categories on the right;
                - On the right is a frame dedicated to advertising, that can be configured for any advertising network;
                - In the top of the page appear: current category title, current page number, total number of products found in the subcategory and how they are viewed (list or grid). Also you can sort products (Best Match, Low to High, High to Low);
               - Both in the top and the bottom of the page you can choose the number of products page. Also you can navigate to previous or next page.


          The search results for a keywords provides a list with the following information :
        - Photo image
        - Product title
        - Short description, (in list view)
        - Product rating (if  the seller offers these information)
          Also for a search result is available a list with daily deals. For products on daily deals  is given price, merchant, store rating and possibility of visualization product on seller page
          For other products that are sold without a reduced price the script will indicate the number of stores in which products are available and there is a button that provides information as described in vendor page.
          Product page provides information: product name, a picture, description (provided by the manufacturer), then product features and a list to compare prices at stores that offer the product.
           Webmaster will earn money from shopzilla  when a potential buyer is redirected to a store that offer the product.

Full version - Main Benefits

1 - No database needed;
2 - Complete web solution with millions of products and offers from thousands of merchants;
3 - You can create your own skins using our configuration tools. There are 4 types ( 4 colors ) of skins and another types that are for those who have CSS knowledge;
4 -Sitemaps and RSS enables;
5 - Compatible with mobile devices;
6 - Dynamic main menu;
7 - Statistics with relevant visits in Admin Area;
8 - Pay Per Click Model;
9 - Fully configurable;
10 - Products with free shipping are highlighted;
11 - Shows product shipping and tax calculated based on a zip code;
12 - Social network buttons (Facebook, Twitter) for every product;

You keep 100% of any commission and you can use this script as long as you want. It includes one year email support.

Buy Now Full Version 


Shipping: digital delivery

Limited time offer! Only $35 USD for Pricescomparation Shopzilla Script per 1 license ( 1 license is for one domain name and its subdomains).

This is one time fee and includes one year email support from us.


Shareware version - Is FREE

The SHAREWARE VERSION can be used as long as you want, for 1 site (one domain name), but in this version earnings are divided between developer ( The Author - Scriptforshopzilla.com ) and the user of script, who uses it for free.

In this case, by an algorithm, sometimes we replace your Shopzilla publisherID, such that the author will receive about 30% - 35% of earnings and the script user will receive about 70% - 65%.

Download the shareware version from "Download" area using the key "shareware".

Purchase Information:

We use Avangate (the world's leading eCommerce Service Provider) to handle our online transactions. All transactions are 100% secure and safe. Avangate accepts orders online using a credit card, PayPal, bank/wire transfer, check/money order, purchase order, invoice, phone and fax. You will receive registration information immediately after a successful purchase.
The serial number for our product will be delivered electronically through email and the script will be downloaded with its licence key from our site.

If you already purchased a valid license key click here

Licensed users are entitled to priority email support.

Refunds: We do not provide any Money Back Guarantee. All sales are final as the digital nature of the products make them non-returnable.
Advice : Please take time and evaluate the script using our available demo or shareware version. Before you buy the software package, read its requirements, and be sure that your server meets them. Refunds will not be given for reasons surrounding the users lack of knowledge of the script`s functionality, limitations, or restrictions, as we provided every opportunity to evaluate the script prior to purchase.

Order Processing and Security:

In order to provide the most secure service we do not process orders directly. We have chosen one of the most reputable ecommerce companies available to do this on our behalf, Avangate. The order forms are located on secure server and all transactions are processed via the secure SSL protocol ensuring that your private data will remain confidential.

 Terms and Conditions
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